Dedicated to Sir Herbert Thompson

Dedicated to Sir Henry Francis Herbert Thompson, 2nd Baronet who was born on the 2nd April 1859 and died 26th May 1944. Sir Henry was a British Egyptologist.

Henry Thompson lived in London as a child and was the son of Sir Henry Thompson, 1st Baronet.

He was educated at the famous Marlborough College (Same college as the current Duchess of Cambridge) and Trinity College, Cambridge.

After a successful career in medicine and law (he was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1878 and called to the bar in 1882), he became interested in Egyptology. His incredible change of career led him to become a lecturer and fellow at University College London, and chairman of the Golders Green Crematorium.

There is a chair established in his name at Cambridge University.

Sir Henry Thompson demonstrated that although you train and develop your career following a certain path, you can change career direction if your passion leads you along a new career path.