Best Ways to Make Yourself a Trusted Expert

Sir Herbert Thompson was a master at following his passion. Having studied not only law and medicine, he carved out an incredible career as a British Egyptologist – a career that involved many changes along the way.

However, in the early decades of the twentieth century, Sir Henry didn’t have the career resources we have today.

Herbert Thompson - Career Change Expert

Becoming a Expert in your Chosen Career

With the career resources available online, you can become an industry expert almost overnight. There are a number of ways for you to gain more expertise and knowledge in your chosen niche which will help you establish yourself as an expert in your career. Now you may not go on to lecture your favourite subject at a world leading University but having resources to hand can help you build credibility and give you the necessary leverage to develop your career expertise. How do you go about becoming a trusted industry expert in your chosen career?

Write and publish an ebook: People are always looking for valuable content, and what better way to give it to them than by simply writing and distributing eBooks that help them in some way? No matter what niche you’re working in, you can always give ebooks to your target audience. This will instantly brand you as an expert when your readers see that you possess targeted knowledge that you don’t mind sharing. This seemingly selfless act gives you more leverage in terms of growing your expertise. Your ebook doesn’t need to be complicated either, even if it’s as short as 10 pages, as long as it offers value.

Hold Webinars: Webinars, or online seminars, are a popular way to get valuable content to your target audience. Because of the available software tools, running a webinar is not that difficult and it allows you to connect with your audience in real time. As your attendees ask you questions, you can showcase your expertise in your answer. If you managed to provide your attendees with good value then they are likely to discuss you with friends and colleagues. You will reach expert level in no time if you host regular webinars.

It is never too late to make a career change

As you work on developing an image of an expert in your niche, you should understand that you need a certain amount of patience, as this isn’t something you can achieve instantly. It will take some time before the people are able to see you as an expert, not as long as many perceive it to be, but a considerable amount of time, which should be understandable. Don’t be too concerned about your results all the time, but concentrate rather on the day to day actions that are important. Whether you are 30 and in the early stages of your career or 50 and in the latter stages of your career, if you attend to the details of your career and make a little progress every day, the long term goals will take care of themselves. It’s always most difficult in the beginning, as once you’re known as an expert, new opportunities will start to come your way more readily.

In conclusion, from the above article we come to understand that becoming an expert in a certain field or chosen profession is all about taking the right steps at the right time. You can easily grow your expertise if you keep the simple yet important things in mind.

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